Go fish!

Fish and fishing have been on my mind lately, after all we live in a state with 10,000 lakes, the Mississippi

River that runs North to South along the eastern side of the state, many smaller rivers, and creeks. Many

people in the state love the sport of fishing and especially the fish they bring home to eat….walleye, small

mouth and large mouth bass, northern pike, musky, crappie, bluegill, sunfish, perch, lake trout, brook trout

and rainbow trout, just to name a few. God sure does love diversity in creation! Some folks go fishing for

the quiet and solitude that it brings. A little over a year ago a memory had been shared of Harold and Ruth Paulson taking time to go fishing at Pine Creek. It was an afternoon of solitude without the children and chores. Both fell asleep with their fishing poles in hand. Ruth woke up with a pull on her fishing line. Harold woke up, and said “Ruth you have a fish on your line.” When I think of the first century disciples who were mostly fishermen throwing their net (no fancy reel or rod) to one side of the boat followed with pulling the net up and into the boat as the fish flop about grasping for life. And he said to them,


"Folow me, and I wil make you fish for people.” Matthew 4:19

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Sarah