Mondays 6:00 PM 

Bulletin Deadline

Fridays Monthly

Pastor's day off 

Wednesday, September 7

1:30 PM Pastor Sarah leads worship service at Chosen Nursing Home

Friday, September 9

6:00 pm Wedding Rehearsal

Saturday, September 10

10:00 – 2:00 pm Grace (Community Event) – Taste of the Trail

2:00 PM Brian Kesler & Crystal Clemens Wedding at NP

Sunday, September 11

Rally Sunday for NP/A SS

Tuesday, September 13

6:00PM NP WELCA Quilting

Wednesday, September 14

9:00AM NP WELCA Quilting, Potluck

2:00 PM Grace WELCA Quilting

Thursday, September 15

2:00 PM Grace WELCA Meeting

Sunday, September 18

11:00-1:30 PM Fall Dinner at NP

Wednesday, September 21

Newsletter Deadline

Sunday, September 25

4:00-7:00 PM Grace Meatball Supper

Wednesday, September 28

6:30PM -7:30PM ZOOM Confirmation

Thursday, August 25

7:00 PM Pastor Sarah’s Zoom Book Club