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Parish Members and the Community


Linda Danielson is all smiles and is ready for Pastor Sarah's husband to get on the motorcycle and drive her to The Old Barn in Lanesboro where twenty-five of us gather to celebrate her final chemo treatment! You go, girl!



L-R: Josie Brown, Sommer Holtegaard, Macy Rye, Brayden Horsman, McKenzie Jones, Katelyn Luehmann, Kelsi Goldsmith 


The boys found the bag of red noses. Third one please turn sideways. L-R: Jacob Holien, Jackson Bergan, Kail Honsey, and Noah Thompson


Picture 2 September 14 back row left to right: Kailan Schott, Pastor Sarah, Josie Brown, Kelsi Goldsmith, McKenzie Jones, Jackson Bergan, Kail Honsey, Noah Thompson; front rown right to left; Jacob Holien, Katelyn Luehmann, Macy Rye, Brayden Horsman, Sommer Holtegaard

Good Earth Village Picture 1 September 14 back left to right-Kailan Schott, Josie Brown, Kelsi Goldsmith, McKenzie Jones, Jackson Bergan, Kail Honsey. front right to left Noah Thompson, Jacob Holien, Katelyn Luehmann, Macy Rye, Brayden Horsman, Sommer Holtegaard.

Grace Pictures September 2019-1.jpg
GSLH IMG_20190915_134016.jpg

Sept. 15th - Pastor Sarah leading worship with Lisa Koljord playing the organ for residents at Good Shepherd Lutheran Home

Taste IMG_20190907_104710.jpg

Sept. 7th - Susie Norby, Karen Thompson and Judy Graham greeting visitors and serving samples of lefse and rommegrot during the Taste of the Trail event in Peterson.

PM Pictures September 2019-1.jpg
PM Pictures September 2019-2.jpg

Confirmation Youth at the Legion in Rushford for Relay for Life

Back row Emma Olson, Hannah Bain, Austin Agrimson

Front row Kelsi Goldsmith, Ryan Lund, Jacob Holien, Kail Honsey, Jackson Bergan

Pilot Mound Sunday school sang on Mother's day

North Prairie / Arendahl sang on Palm Sunday

Arendahl quilting team: Jean Agrimson, Sheri Boyum, Sandra Renk, Edna Gravos, Patricia Madison, Bertha Boyum, Donna Aarsvold, and Jo Anne Agrimson

“Honor Day” - Grace WELCA celebrated our honorary members 4/19/2018 Starting at lower right of picture and going around the table to the left: Bernice Hanson, Carol Paulson, Arlene Grimes, Donna Olson, Alice Lee, Kathy Hallum, Barb Holien, Bev Klinski

Confirmation kids at GEV Nov 2017

Kelsi Goldsmith and Pastor Sarah are in this closing picture with others for Sunday November 19

L to R front row: Kail Honsey, Jackson Bergan, Ryan Lund, Jacob Holien, & Hannah Bain

L to R back row: Austin Agrimson, Grady Schott, Olivia Thompson, & Emma Olson

2017 North Prairie / Arendahl Sunday school program

2017 Pilot Mound Sunday school program

March 10th & 11th 2018 confirmation Class at Good Earth Village retreat.   Jacob Holien, Ryan Lund,  Kail Honsey, Jackson Bergan, Kelsi Goldsmith, Olivia Thompson, Austin Agrimson, & Hannah Bain.

Sunday school sang at Good Shepherd on February 11th, 2018
The kids also handed out some valentines they have made over the last few weeks.

2017 North Prairie / Arendahl Sunday school program


2017 North Prairie / Arendahl Sunday school program

Bernice Gathje with the framed picture of Arendahl in loving memory from the Gathje family.

North Prairie 2017 Bake Sale @ Sterlingin Rushford

Gayle Burdick, Beth Vitse, Julie Mulhern, Eileen Koljord, Ruth Paulson, Diane Drinkall

Grace and the donations for Camp Noah

North Prairie / Arendahl Sunday school decorating

North Prairie / Arendahl Pajama Sunday

Sidewalk project done in Roger Danielson's memory by Linda, Troy, Jason, Kari, Laurie, Dayton & Brynn

Grace 2017 Annual Meatball Supper

North Prairie Fall Bazaar 2017

Auctioneer Marc Prestby and Shannon Goodman

Diane Drinkall and 2 grandsons

Olivia Thompson and Shannon  Goodman

Charlene Eide, Gayle Burdick, and Sherry Kingsbury

Gary Olson with his  granddaughters

Lois Ulrich and Irene Hatlevig

Roger Hegland and Renata Rislow

Paul and Sheri Boyum

Arlene and Harold Jensen and Marlow and Bev Boyum

Keith and JoAnne Agrimson with Ryan Lund at Relay for LIfe in Rushford, MN 7/28/2017

Ryan Lund, Bodie Mayer, Olivia Thompson,

and Megan Boyum Relay for LIfe  7/28/2017

Olivia Thompson and Hannah Bain helping at Relay for Life in Rushford. 7/28/17

Grace Supper and Song 2017

It's a date!

Bertram Boyum and Muriel Hanson

                       WHAT A FEAST!

                       Sylvia Markegard and Duane Tweten

                       Ardis and Bob Wilcox in the background.

Allan and Linda Kingsbury enjoying a good joke!

Ted Olson with his uncle, Robert Olson, soon to be 100 years old

       Great company and food! 

   Donald Boyum and Ted Olson

Sally and Conor Poepping

The ladies are hard at work!

Sally Poepping & Julie Boyum

North Prairie Garage Sale August 2017

Lines were long at the 2017 Ice Cream Social!

Chatfield Brass Band provided

some great entertainment! 

Wionderful weather brought a record crowd!

Paul and Shari Boyum received the Family farm award at the 2017 Fillmore County fair

Linda  Danielson doing some touch up  painting standing in bucket with Dave McCabe operating the tractor for the 2017 Ice Cream Social

7-2017 Dawson Roger Agrimson was baptized at

Grace Lutheran Church. Dalton Johnson & Nathan Metz are Dawson’s Sponsors with Mom, Dad, and

Pastor Sarah.

Pastor Sarah talks with Parish members and learn about their beef project at the 2017 Fillmore County fair

Bertrum Boyum in the 2017 Gammel Dag Parade

Pastor Sarah driving the kids during 2017 Gammel Dag

MARTHA JOHNSON celebrated her 101 Birthday at the Fremont General Store with family and friends! 3/2017

Isabelle Olson, Ally Evans (Bethlehem Lutheran), Shannon
Goodman, and Pastor Sarah attended REFORMATION 500

at Center for Faith and Life, Luther College  4/2017

North Prairie Ruth Circle @ Good Shepard 6/2017

Mavis Malmin, Diane Drinkall, Cathy Haug, Lillian Reps, Irene Hatlevig, Eileen Koljord, Lois Ulrich, Marian Nordgaard

3/2017 Quilting at Arendahl, the WELCA ladies were very busyand tied 23 quilts bring the total since the beginning of the year to 46 quilts.

Mid-Week Lenten Soup Supper at Pilot Mound! 3/2017

The family of Arendahl gathered to celebrate Lorraine Kjos’ birthday at Good Shepherd Home in December with cupcakes, humor, stories of times gone by, and love. 12/2016

Sonia McCabe brought her first grandchild, adorable Mia McCabe, to spread joy and love to Pilot Mound Lutheran friends that live at Chosen Nursing Home with Ila Bornfleth and Ellen Strande  


Confirmation Class at Good Earth Village 11/2016

Tristyn Hegland, Bodie Mayer, Ryan Lund, Grady Schott, Pastor Sarah Walker Brown, Hannah Bain, Isabelle Olson, Shannon Goodman, Alyssa Luehmann, Olivia Thompson (not pictured), and Hailey Jenkins (not pictured)

North Prairie WELCA sends quilts to Lutheran World Relief

North Prairie 2016 Bazar items

Last Blast  of Summer  2016 with  Good Earth Village

Arendahl & North Prairie Sunday School

Meatball Dinner 2016

Assistant to the Bishop of SEMinnesota Synod, Reverend Pete Reuss, proclaiming the word of God at North Prairie Lutheran Church and later feasting on the meatballs and lefse! 4/2016

Norwegian Fest 2015

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