Happy New Year Siblings in Christ!

Have you ever noticed when the sky is overcast most of the day, that late in the afternoon the sun shines

its glorious rays upon us even if for a brief moment before the night closes in?  The sun’s rays beaming

down to the earth brings a smile to my face on those dreary days because it is a sign of hope.  Overcast

and stormy days will not be with us forever.  There will be days ahead filled with sunshine.

This past year has felt like one long year of standing in a valley named TROUBLE, and in the far distance we see a doorway labeled HOPE.  It takes a lot of energy to walk through the valley as we are up to our necks in muck, but this is what we must do to enter the doorway of HOPE. God is with us in the valley…light is in the darkness.  God’s intimate, committed love delivers, heals and transforms us in the valleys of life.  As we open the doorway to a New Year, what do you hope is on the other side of the door?        


A VERY HAPPY different NEW YEAR for 2021!   


In Christ’s love,

                      Pastor Sarah