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Dear Siblings in Christ,


Summer is a season for growth. The plants appear to stretch their stalk overnight with outstretched leaves reaching for the sun, as the saying goes, “Knee high by the Fourth of July”. Last summer I was totally astounded when Confirmation Youth returned to assist in worship. It seemed like some of them grew 6 inches, if not a foot, in a couple of months. And for those who plant vegetables they will be harvesting their bounty of veggies in the next month. However, physical growth is not the only type of growth that happens during the summer months.

Every year the Walker side of my family would have a family reunion on the farm. All my aunts and uncles, cousins and their families, friends, and neighbors would gather to feast on a variety of food. I especially remember the home grown Illinois sweet corn cooked on the grill and dipped a huge vat of melted butter. We would catch up where our lives had been lately. It was good for us to reconnect.

God created humankind to be in relationship with one another. My hope is that during these next two months you are able to connect with your extended families, friends, and neighbors. May you find joy, laughter, and spiritual growth when you gather with others. It is the vitamin throughout life with God being at the center of all.

In Joy and Christ’s love,


Pastor Sarah

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