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Dear Siblings in Christ,


The past few years we have felt lost with the isolation and worries in varied ways, however we have found one another in new ways, and want to find paths of renewal and rebirth amid the crisis of our days.


The month of June is filled with many opportunities to reconnect with friends, new found friends, family, and community. You are invited to check out all the activities listed on the calendar. An exciting event that Pilot Mound Lutheran has been invited to participate in is the 2023 Friendship Wagon Train. The faith community of Pilot Mound Lutheran are preparing a box lunch for the 50-60 people arriving by horse drawn wagon at noon on Wednesday the 28th. Twenty-three years ago, June of 2000, Pilot Mound Lutheran was involved in this activity…wow, the time flies! Doris Horsman’s mother of ninety-five years was pictured petting a huge beautiful horse with a bright smile on her face.


And on Thursday June 29th the wagon train continues its travels to Peterson where the Peterson American Legion Auxiliary will be serving a lunch for the people riding the trail at Grace Lutheran in downtown Peterson. All funds received on the 2023 Friendship Wagon Train will be submitted to Special Olympics. You are invited to come and see some beautiful horses and meet the lovely people of the Friendship Wagon Train. Come and see!


We as a people of faith are about head and heart, the outward journey of engagement with the world and the inner journey of experiencing Spirit within. We are a people of renewal and rebirth. It has been a joy to be with you on this unexpected journey of life.

In Joy and Christ’s love, Pastor Sarah

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