Dear Siblings in Christ,

On May 23rd we began the season of Pentecost.  On that first Pentecost the Spirit

of God came with energy beyond the disciples’ boldest imagination.  This coming

changed the early followers’ attitudes and motivated them with enthusiasm and hope. 

They moved from being weak and discouraged, to being people with inner vitality. 

They discovered a dynamic power of love and a new determination to live what Jesus

had proclaimed to them.


The Spirit is stirring as boldly today as during the first Pentecost.  You, the faithful community of United Lutheran Parish are witnesses to the Spirit’s movement.  I invite you to reflect on the expansion of ministries that have happened this past year and a half during the historical COVID-19 Global Pandemic-

  • Zoom Sunday School

  • Zoom Confirmation

  • Worship held in a variety of ways due to COVID-19

  • A DVD Sunday School Christmas Pageant was compiled with each child’s participation.

  • The Parish Nurse connected with people through telephone calls to relay the latest CDC guidelines.

  • Pastoral visits to the homebound.

  • Baptisms held in church and at the home of the baptismal family.

  • Funerals

  • Service projects initiated by the Sunday school children.

  • A Carry-Out Meatball Dinner & WELCA Quilt Raffles to support local and global ministries.

  • Persons graciously taxied those who no longer were able to drive to doctor appointments.

  • The grounds and physical facility being pruned and preened.

  • What a wonderful witness of God’s love and presence!


I thank all of you who have contributed with your time, talents, and resources in the mission and ministry in this area of SE Minnesota Synod and the world.  The next year of the post-pandemic will be crucial as we look ahead do ministry.  Remember we have not yet scratched the surface of possibilities and opportunities.  So you can look forward to hearing more about this in the near future. 


We accomplished amazing things despite our obstacles. And we must continue to pursue new opportunities.  I encourage you to continue your prayer life as we journey together in mission with energy beyond our bolder imagination!   

In Christ’s love,

                      Pastor Sarah