Dear Siblings in Christ,


These past few months have been filled with a variety of activities from celebrating birthday

to building a Pavilion. Isn’t that the way life is? We celebrate, we build, and we cry … but we

keep moving forward knowing Christ is with us in the midst of all that we encounter.



On August 10th Don Boyum celebrated his 89th birthday surrounded by family and friends at Good Shepherd Nursing Home in Rushford, MN. The picture above is Don Boyum, “the birthday boy who teases he is only 23 years old”, with his daughter Karen Kurtz and his son Mike Boyum. Smile everyone! Life is beautiful when family and friends gather to give their support in all the transitions of life.


The Scriptures are filled with so many stories of Christ having a relationship with each other and others. Our activities reflect such stories of family and relationships, with Christ at the very center. What a great month!


In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Sarah