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Dear Siblings in Christ,


Yes, another new year has begun and we find ourselves asking where did last year go? Years, months,

days and hours seem to fly by exponentially these past few years. As we cross another threshold of a new

year we are reminded of all those other years we made resolution to lose weight, to cut back spending on

nonessentials, restraining ourselves from purchasing the latest and newest tractor or combine, reducing

traveling to faraway places, etc. At first glance it appears that the resolutions are all about doing 
without which doesn’t sound like much fun!


However, eating healthier to lose weight creates a healthier physical body. Blood sugar level stabilizes, blood pressure is no longer high, and we can wear our smaller size clothes that are hanging in the closet that haven’t been worn for years. Also, our financial and spiritual aspects our affected by this change. Financially we are not eating the junk food that we would grab at the gas station or convenience store, and spiritually we become more engaged with life through walking 
in nature, meeting with friends, family, and opening ourselves up to the Holy Spirit’s promptings.

How does your understanding of “God with us” shape your hopes for the New Year? God presents us with new beginnings every moment of our lives. A new friendship, a relationship that is reconciled, the birth of a baby, a puppy that enters the family, the construction of a Pavilion for the community, a new job, and so much more. Let us open our eyes wide for God’s leading in 2023!

Blest New Year,

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Sarah

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