Merry Christmas!

The angel Gabriel spoke these words, “Do not be afraid”, to Mary upon her hearing that she was with

child. How many times have you heard or spoken these words? There are plenty of things for us to be

afraid of in our current world—-violence is on the rise in our country and the world, change of job for

some, growing number of people living in poverty, extreme weather, and all that life presents us with


Throughout the Scriptures God tells his children “Do not be afraid.” God knows his children well. God knows all too well how we become slaves to our fears. Being a slave to our fears is a state of not being able to move forward. And yet, that is what God calls us to do—-to move and to take action. What we do with our fears speaks volumes of our faith. Mary and Joseph embraced the mission that they were given with faith. They could not explain to others how it could be that she, a virgin, was bearing a child, God’s only Son.


Mary and Joseph knew that they were not alone, but that God was right beside them on their journey. Because of their faith they were able to move forward with courage and boldness into unknown territory.



Mary has shown us the way as she spoke these words, “he has lifted the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty.” Luke 1:53


Let’s now take her wisdom and apply this to our actions in the world. Now through January, 2022, you are invited to participate in lifting those who are hungry and living in poverty through ELCA Good Gifts (please write check to same). You may direct your generous donation of a dollar or more to JoAnn Agrimson of Arendahl. An anonymous donor is matching dollar for dollar up to $500. With faith, let us journey forward into the New Year with generous hearts as we witness the love of Christ.

Happy New Year! Pastor Sarah