“Christmas memories”

Christmas memories of years ago can bring smiles to our faces, joy in our heart, and tears

to our soul. One of my fondest memories is when my grandmother worked at Marshall Field’s

on State Street in Chicago, Illinois at a time when the employees were invited to bring their

families to the company Christmas party. The store was closed on Sunday for this magnificent

event. My Mother, Father, Brother Eddie, myself, Uncle Ray, Aunt Corky, Cousin Chris and Cousin

Lisa traveled fifty miles south to downtown Chicago.


Upon arriving, we first walked around the building to view the store’s holiday animated windows. I remember my brother saying he had never seen anything like that before. My cousin Chris said she was so cold, evidently the tights that her mother told her to wear did not help to keep her warm. After viewing all the outside windows, we headed inside to the Walnut Room on the seventh floor. Upon entering the room we were greeted by a 45 foot real Christmas tree decorated with lights and gorgeous ornaments. Tables were filled with beautifully iced cookies and punch bowls. It was like stepping into a magical land of wonder. The fairy princesses greeted us by sprinkling fairy dust (a.k.a. fine glitter) on our heads. We then set our destination to see Santa Claus. The line was very long, however, when we arrived at the cottage the elves escorted us directly to Santa. Finally, we could place our special requests.


Another memory that I hold tender in my heart is my family and I worshipping on Christmas Eve at my home congregation at the 11:00 PM worship service. To this day, that is my favorite time for a Christmas Eve worship service, at the close of the service our voices singing "Silent Night, Holy Night” with only candlelight for light and walking outside to the stillness of the evening, the stars shining bright, snowflakes falling, and the belief that the ultimate of all gifts is Jesus. God’s blessings be with you in this holiday season as new memories are created and old ones are remembered. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In Christ love,

                 Pastor Sarah