Gracious and loving God, whose voice is best heard not in earthquake or wind or fire but in the stillness of your prayers, speak now in silence; and so, grant us the gift of your Holy Spirit that our restless spirits may find peace - and then share your peace.


We come burdened with grieve and failure. Yet the burden proves that we are made of you for better things. We have been sharp tongued when we should have been patient and falsely patient when we should have spoken a brave word. We have been swift to blame our world and too slow and blind to our own faults. We have been content while the heavenly vision has faded into the light of morning. We have lived as though Christ had never lived or died or broken the bonds of death. Now we come home to you because we are tired of ourselves. Receive us, we pray, despite all our undeserving, and cleanse us, and give us a new heart.


We come with prayers in behalf of all who have died from mass shootings in our country - Sandy Hook Elementary School, Robb Elementary School, Ulvade, TX, TOPS Supermarket, Buffalo, NY, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, FL, Pulse Nightclub, Orlando FL and so many more. We pray for you to guide our nation and equip leaders to lead with compassion during this tumultuous time.


We pray for the families that grieve the death of a child, a family member, a friend, a classmate, a teacher, or coworker. Surround them with your love and bring healing to the communities. Teach us to live among others with love. We pray for the sick and for the untroubled, for friend and for foe, for strangers and for those we love. 

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Sarah