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Rachel Boyum Parish Nurse

Home 507.875.2417

Cell 507.250.4177

As she began her retirement years, Rachel was commissioned as the Parish Nurse of United Lutheran Parish in 2006, and just celebrated her 10-year anniversary serving the 4-point parish.

 So many people in our four congregations have faced medical issues for themselves or a loved one and simply need to talk it over with someone who understands the medical part of a diagnosis.

You may think, "I don't really need a nurse. I have my own doctor." But aren't there times when you have questions about medications and you cannot reach your pharmacy or clinic? What about wondering whether you actually should go to the doctor about a symptom you're having? Or did you just come home from a doctor's appointment and the instructions seemed simple in that office, but now. . .

Rachel Boyum is a registered nurse who can help you find the answers. She can make a home visit or just help you over the phone. If she doesn't know the answers, she can help direct you to find the answers you seek, and she will pray with you and for you as you seek help. Her support is confidential unless you ask her to contact others.

We are blessed to have someone in our parish who has offered to fulfill this role. Our thanks to Rachel for her faithful service.

Rachel came to this ministry with a long history of caring for others as a nurse. She was employed by Olmsted County Public Health as a Public Health Nurse for thirty three years. Rachel received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Winona State University with Public Health Nurse certification, and completed Parish Nurse Certification from Concordia College. At United Lutheran Parish she helps make the link between physical and spiritual health and wellness.

Rachel has attended Arendahl Lutheran Church since her marriage to Andrew Boyum in 1981 and continues to live on the family farm. She has two daughters and their husbands that have blessed her with four grandchildren that keep her very busy with babysitting and driving them to Day Care and picking them up from Day Care. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, quilting, and tending to her flower beds.

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