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Parish Nurse News

                                                                      Attention Attention Attention
Connie instructor with American Heart Association who did our CPR class last March called me and indicated she would be willing to do it again. The training we did last March is good for 2 years. However if you took the training a long time ago --say 5 to 10 years ago it would be well worth everyone's time and effort to repeat it. The training protocol and effectiveness is much improved over what it was years ago. We will be inviting anyone in the community to participate. The cost is $40 per person. If interested please call me (Rachel Boyum at 507-250-4177) so we will know how many to plan for.
Since February is Heart Health Month, our article is about heart taken from information published by NIH age page.
What Can I do to prevent or limit heart disease?
-be physically active with goal of 150 minutes per week. However start at activity program that is recommended by your doctor. Does not need to be done all at once. Do activities that you enjoy--walking, gardening, bowling etc.
-if you smoke, quit
-diet--choose foods low in saturated fats, added sugar, and salt. For further information see Healthy Eating info from NIA or USDA Food Patterns.
-Keep healthy weight--limit portion size, stay physically active
-cholesterol--keep under control. High cholesterol can cause plague buildup
-limit alcohol consumption
-manage stress--activities that can be used is stress management program, meditation, physical activity
Questions to ask your doctor
-What is my risk for heart disease?
-What is my risk for hypertension?
-What are my risks related to elevated cholesterol?
-Do I need to lose weight?
-What is my sugar level and am I at risk for diabetes
-What screening or tests do I need and how can I lower my risks
-Can you help me quit smoking?
-What is a heart healthy eating plan for me?
-How can I tell if I am having a heart attack? If I think I am having one what should I do?

Dear Lord, thank you for caregivers. Give each strength and understanding caring for all of us. Amen


Rachel Boyum

United Lutheran Parish Nurse

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