Parish Nurse News

CPR—a class was held on March 24 sponsored by American Heart Association at Grace church and there were 8 in attendance.  It is important to keep skills up-to-date.  It is recommended that those who are already trained in the past renew their skills every 2 years.  In the past years the routine has changed and become more effective and easier to do.  You never know when you may need it both in terms of recognizing and treating cardiac arrest or choking.  This is especially important in this area where we are a distance for ambulance/EMT to reach the area.  I have heard a comment that doing this class made it more comfortable if this is needed.  Will attempt to do a second class, open to church members and this community if there is enough interest  


Powerful Tools for Caregivers—many of us are caregivers—to children, parents, spouses, or neighbors.  This care giving can take a variety of forms—care receiver in our home, in the nursing home or assisted or long distance.  This can be rewarding but stressful.  Elder network is sponsoring a six week on line class series entitled Powerful Tools for Caregivers.  Next series will start July 19—stay tuned for details.


Summer Safety –important for all.  Bicycle safety for children as well as adults.  Wear a helmet.  Travel on bike designated areas when possible.  When on the trail, yield to pedestrians.  Let them know that you are passing them.  Keep your bike in good repair.  If you are a motorcyclist—follow the rules of the road.  If you are a motorist—watch out for motorcyclist as they are sometimes difficult to see.  Also be careful of farm equipment.  Heavy rain can be make the road slippery.  Keep a first aid kit in your car, also a blanket to use if you are in an accident or come across an accident.  Call 911 if necessary.


Allergies—many people have seasonal allergies—can be problematic easily in spring—some take allergy medication that is recommended by your care provider or pharmacy.  Allergy to bees—can be life threatening—carry your epi-pen and allergy medications prescribed by your doctor.  When out on hike or in the yard, let others know you have this allergy.  Other allergies, such as food allergies—avoid product that you are allergic to.  Read labels when in the grocery store.  Ask questions when purchasing food in store or restaurant.  Carry epi-pen or medications Know early symptoms of allergic reaction—not the same for all people.

Dear Lord, keep us all in your tender care while enjoying summer activities 

Rachel Boyum

United Lutheran Parish Nurse