Parish Nurse News

Surviving Social Distancing

Another way to say it is physical distancing with the recommendation that we stay home and away from other people and 6 foot away from others.  This type of isolation can be very difficult.  Thinking about this I am sure we can all think of ways we can cope with this. Will share things I have found to cope with this.

-Telephone—call people that you know and talk to frequently or people who you have not talked to recently.  They will be glad you called.  Extended conversations are OK.
-Start a text conversation with someone who texts—can also send pictures via text (can be pictures of you, your kids, flowers, something that you made or cooked)
-ZOOM—learn how to if you have a computer.  Make it fun to learn something new and to see who you are talking to.  Ask your kids or grandkids to help you get it set up and be your consultant when doing this.
-Keep a journal or write stories of your life history.  Your kids, grandkids will love this
-Devotions—don’t skip and find devotions that are uplifting to you.  Share with others if you can
-Gratitude—each day consciously think of things you are grateful for—can create a gratitude jar—each day write something you are grateful for, write it on a post-it size note and add it to the jar.  When you are having a difficult day—reread the notes and be thankful for each of Gods blessings
-Write letters—can be hand written or computer—send to someone who is not expecting it.  Hand write thank you notes.
-Groceries—if possible do curbside pickup or be thankful if your kids or neighbors will pick them up for you.  If you must go to the store, go when there are few other people in the store and wear your mask.  Be focused when you go to the store—know what you want, go to that aisle, pick it up, check it out, stay 6 feet away from others while waiting for check out.
-Nutrition—be sure you eat a balanced diet—take the time to cook a good meal.  Can cook two portions and eat the second portion tomorrow.  Do not keep in the refrig for extended periods of time as it may spoil.  Can utilize frozen meals or entrées
-Exercise is important—exercise outside if you can, walk inside your house if you cannot get outside.  Use exercise CD’s, or exercise programs; you can get on TV.  Dance all by yourself if you wish.  Use music if you wish
-Get outside every day. Sit on your porch, Get in the sunshine.
-Gardening-flowers—good activity even if it is only one pot of plants or tomato plant.  Need attention daily—water, weeding etc.  If you have a lot of flowers or vegetable share with your neighbor. 
-Hobbies—if you have had hobbies that you have neglected for a long time, pick up and do those hobbies again whether it is crocheting, knitting, sewing, or painting.  Or start a new hobby.
-Carry a mask in your pocket, purse, or the car so you are prepared if you meet someone to visit with.
-Drive way visits with your neighbor but remember to stay 6 feet apart.  
-Carry a folding chair in your car so you can sit and enjoy the outside in the park anytime
-Wear a mask if you are riding with someone in their car-
-Limit the time you watch the news, especially if it is troubling to you

Dear Lord keep us all in your tender loving care and protect us in this time of Covid 19.  Amen.

Rachel Boyum

United Lutheran Parish Nurse