Parish Nurse News

Stay healthy and safe in our cold winter coming

With the sunny warm fall we have had, it is hard to believe that we will soon have snow, ice and cold 
temperatures. We will review some points to consider as it gets colder.

-carbon monoxide detector—should have one near furnace and one on the first floor

-smoke detectors—have several placed in bedrooms, and living area. Be sure to check the 

batteries at least twice a year.

-ice—be careful. Clean or have someone clear and clean outside walk and steps. Have a rail if 

possible. Use a cane if necessary. Can have ice picks on tip of cane. Use ice melt, salt, or grit on 

icy spots. Carry some sand or ice melt in your car. Also keep a small container where you can 

reach it so if you park and there is an icy spot where you get out of car you can sprinkle area 

with product. Use ice melt on icy spots on sidewalk.

-snow removal. If you remove by hand, be careful. Do it in small segments especially if you 

have not done manual labor recently especially if this inactivity is to a health condition

—know your limits when it comes to shoveling. Ergonomic shovels are available for eases on 

the back. Take breaks often. If you have sweating, shortness of breath or chest pain call 911 if 

necessary. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and hire someone to help with snow removal. 

-car safety—always keep an emergency kit in your car. Items to include are mittens, cap, 

blanket, scarf, candle or flash light. Cell phone charging cord, candy bars, bottled water, shovel 

(even if you do not use it), jumper cables. 

-stay warm—layer clothes you wear. , Go inside if you start to feel chilled or cold

-recognize signs of frost bite—area white and cold or no feeling. Wear mittens

-always carry a cell phone-keep it in your pocket it possible. 

-if you use diesel, be sure you get winter blend when you fill it.

-always keep gas tank greater than quarter full, have shovel in your car. 

-avoid using cruise control

-use yak tracks on your shoes if necessary. Have close by door to help put them on just before 

you leave the house.

-watch weather report—if bad weather is forecasted think about what is immediately forecast

and where you are going. Heed road condition and travel advice


Dear Lord, as we come and go, keep us in your tender care. Amen

Rachel Boyum

United Lutheran Parish Nurse