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Antibiotic Resistance




Today we hear a lot about antibiotic resistance.  This has resulted from the over use of antibiotics.  Bacteria have become resistant to the use of some antibiotics and so they do not cure the infection.  Thus new antibiotics needed to be developed.  One way to slow the process is to use antibiotics less and only when necessary. 


Minnesota Department of Health as titled this a public health threat.


Ways we can prevent this resistance—

-wash hands frequently, vaccination, and food safety

-ask your provider about other methods of symptom relief

-Dispose of leftover medication—do not throw them away in trash or flush down the toilet.  In our area we can take them to the local sheriff office (especially if narcotics) or hazardous waste department of waste management or return to pharmacy.

-do not pressure your care provider to prescribe antibiotics.

-take antibiotics exactly as prescribed—do not save left over for “next time”. 

-never take antibiotics prescribed for another person


Many of common cold, flu, and bronchitis is caused by viruses so antibiotics do not help.

Some bacterial infections are now difficult to cure because the bacteria that cause them are now resistance to some antibiotics so new ones need to be developed.

Some people who have had joint replacement (shoulder, knee, hip) and some heart conditions are advised to take antibiotics before dental work.  This is to prevent infection in these areas.  Either your health care provider or dentist can prescribe them.

Vets often prescribe antibiotics for your animals.  Be sure to follow their advice.  In some cases they will advise to hold animals back from slaughter a certain number of days.  This is to prevent antibiotics to get into the food supply.


For more information

-MN Pollution Control Agency—Managing Unwanted Medication:

-MDH Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship:

-MN One Health Antibiotic Stewardship Collaborative:

Dear Lord, keep us all in your tender care.  Amen

Rachel Boyum

United Lutheran Parish Nurse