Parish Nurse News


Winter Safety Tips


-Even though we now have a Covid-19 vaccine we still need to follow the safety precautions we needed to follow over the past months—Masks, Wash hands often, 6 foot distance, Stay home if you are ill, get tested as indicated.


-If you are ill, stay home, drink plenty of fluids (water, Gatorade, tea, coffee, soda).  Use Tylenol as needed to control fever, get plenty of rest


-Keep on hand---sport drink, soda, soup or juice in refrigerator for fluids, Tylenol for fever.  Supply of regular medications.   Have foods that you like and are comforting on hand.


-Prepare for cold weather, snow and ice.

-Keep salt or ice melt or sand or chicken grit on hand for ice.  Use on steps, sidewalk and driveway.  Keep some in your car—a small container will do. Just in case that you park your car, open the door and there is a patch of ice—sprinkle generously with ice melt, sand etc. so you can get safely across ice.


-Be careful about clearing sidewalk and driveway of snow and ice—if this activity cause any discomfort—chest pain, shortness of breath etc.—stop—seek medical care as needed.  It is ok the hire someone to help you with this.


-Some use cane with ice pick that can be turned up if not in use so they do not mar floors. Especially important if ice is a potentially a problem.


-Some use “yak track” or similar products if ice is widespread.  Keep them and a chair by the door as they can be somewhat difficult to get on and does mar the floor in the house.


-Be prepared—keep safety bag in car—have extra hat and gloves as well as blanket, flash light, snacks and bottle of water.


-Keep your cell phone charged and ready to use if needed.  Some cars have emergency signaling if you slip off road or get stuck---make sure you know how it works. 


-In your home keep a flashlight and know where it is in case of power outage.  If you have medical needs such as oxygen, call the power company right away so your repairs can be a priority.  If power is out your landline phone may not work as it should—some keep an older phone that does not have all the features and can be activated with just connection to the  phone line.  Keep your cell phone charged.


-Keep in touch with your neighbor—if your house becomes cold due to furnace not working, communicate with neighbors who may have a fireplace etc. to keep warm


-Keep the temperature of your home comfortable—older folks do not tolerate cooler temperatures well


-Make sure that your carbon monoxide smoke detectors are working—check the batteries.

-Dress warmly for comfort—layer your clothes


-You may have some tips of your own, use them, and share them


Dear Lord, Keep us all in your loving care during this winter season. Amen


Rachel Boyum

United Lutheran Parish Nurse