Parish Nurse News

Skin Care Summer—summer brings certain precautions to take with skin care. Some items are:


- Sun safety---sunscreen—be sure to get new bottle this season and use SPF 15 or higher. Apply as per directions on the bottle—some are water proof, others not. You will need sunscreen even on cloudy days or out on the water. Try to avoid sun between 10 am and 4 pm. Seek and take shade whenever possible’


- Bug bites—especially ticks-can cause Lyme’s disease—if rash associated with but bites, especially ticks—seek medical advice—may need prescription medication. Mosquito and other bugs—use repellent as necessary. If rash—wash skin gently with mild soap and water. Watch for signs of infection. Call your care provider. Can use over-the-counter creams—ask you pharmacist for recommendation.


- Bee sting—if you know you are allergic, have your epi-pen available and get emergency care. Otherwise if you notice excessive swelling, tingling numbness in tongue or difficult breathing get medical care immediately. Rashes—if due to noxious plants—wash gently with soap and water. Ask your pharmacist about over-the-counter cream to apply. If severe or may be infected, call your care provider


- General skin care—take short, warm (not hot) shower. Use moisturizing cream or shower gel of your choice to prevent dry skin. Smoking will increase the chance of wrinkles in your skin. Healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and fiber is good for your skin. Drink enough water to stay hydrated especially if in hot weather.

Dear Lord, keep us, and our families in your tender care.  Amen


Rachel Boyum

United Lutheran Parish Nurse