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Many take prescription medication, over the counter medication, or supplemental vitamins or combination of all. Some medications or combinations may cause you to be dizzy, drowsy, or light headed—this may cause loss of balance or unsteady on your feet and contribute to a fall


Points to consider:

-make a list of all the medication you take and be sure that your doctor or pharmacy is aware of them

-carry a list of your current medication with you in wallet or purse, especially important if you are on vacation or travelling

-keep a list at home where you keep your medication (file of life says to keep it on refrigerator) so if ambulance is called the EMT can have the information

-if taking 4 or more medications (this includes over the counter and vitamins, the likelihood of interaction and side effects is greater. – consult with your doctor or pharmacist about this

-take advantage of consultation when you pick up a new prescription

-some insurance companies have a pharmacist on staff that you can call and they will give you information about when to take a medication, what to avoid while taking medication, and interaction of medications you are taking.

-alcohol can interact with some medications (follow directions on your medications or ask your doctor) it could make you feel dizzy, interact with the medication or make it less effective

-some medications can make you feel dizzy or light headed—especially blood pressure medication—make sure you let your doctor know

            -if you feel dizzy-slowly stand from a seated position

            -when getting out of bed, dangle your legs at the side of the bed before getting up

-if you have difficulty getting the bottle open, you can ask the pharmacist for a non-child proof cap, but then you need to keep it out of reach of children

-keep your medication in place that is out of sight and reach of children and others who may be entering your home

-many use a med-minder tray that can be filled once per week and keep it handy so you do not forget to take your medication

-some have med-minders on their watch or smart phones (set an alarm) so they do not forget to take their medication

-with renewal for Medicare plan coming up soon, check with the individual company and ask how much they will cover on your medication --- if necessary change company to one that will cover the medication that has been prescribed for you. You may wish to ask your insurance agent about this if it is confusing.

-if you have a health care spending account check with them how they cover your costs.

-if you have difficulty reading small print use a magnify glass or ask someone to read it

More information: Call Senior LinkAge Line 1-800-333-2433 or

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Dear Lord keep those who grieve in your tender care and help me to offer your comfort to them.  Amen


Rachel Boyum

United Lutheran Parish Nurse